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CCHEA offers third party engineering peer reviews of solvent based extraction equipment and a variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). CCHEA has also established internal methodologies that produce some of the utmost extensive California engineering peer review available for solvent-based extraction equipment. Our reports are stamped by tenured engineers with a combined 40 years of experience.


A review of a system or process by other experts in the same field. For CCHEA this would include ASME compliant review for pressure/temp ratings of components, full system risk assessment by Professional Engineers, Plant and facility review by structural, civil, electrical, and fire suppression engineering.

Per IFC 2018 and NFPA 1, 2018 field verification is required. Also, per CFC (California Fire Code) Section 3804.4, site inspection and sign off is required by a professional engineer.

We believe in a network of SME's (subject matter experts) that are a part of CCHEA and based on the type of peer review, CCHEA will bring in those experts whose review is relevant.

Let us assist with getting your business compliant.

Professional Engineers offering full system risk assessment

A few of our clients

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